Saturday, June 12, 2010

I'll never be the same, if we ever meet again

Staring at blank screen on my bb..
Seriously it sucks to update blog via fon. Tapi apakan daya, belum ada internet connection di rumah. Dan malas mau mengangkut laptop ke sana ke mari.

4hari di sini was okay. U know ur payday was ages ago, was still in KK at that time and enjoying the holiday with my forbidden loves. Suddenly have to move to here Bintulu, duit memang tinggal saki baki sepoi sepoi bahasa saja. Merasalah bersusah di tempat orang. Yeah.

Saya memilih jalan indie ini, untuk melihat sejauh mana kemampuan saya berjauh dari family dan cinta-cinta saya. Sejauh mana saya mampu berjauh dari keseronokan di Kota Jesselton. Sejauh mana saya mampu membuat kerja baru di bidang yang baru. Sejauh mana saya mampu belajar. Dan yang paling penting sejauh mana ke'indie'an saya.

Tiba-tiba ada satu additional, sejauh mana saya mampu hidup tidak berduit di tempat orang yeahhh.. Saya survive hingga hari yang ke4..hari hari seterusnya tiada siapa yang tahu. Doa saja la semua selamat,amin.

So far, I learn lots of new things (regarding my new job) it was exciting and challenging I guess for a newbie like me. I'm lucky to have Sara dear with me, the one with the experience, and a best friend, lebih senang belajar bukan. She's the planner and I'm the scheduler, well. Hurmmm.. This 3days was hectic. Lucky we have each other.

In the mean time, I miss my sister in kk, her kids especially. I miss my time in kk. I miss my friends in Sabah too *tears* I can't wait to meet them again. But I don't know how soon will that be.

Well I think that's all for now. Owh, I met 2 friends since 4 days I was here. Bj- my friens in labuan matrik, and Cross-my friend in kuittho, both them sarawakian, and work here in Bintulu too.

Ok I think its a wrap, I'm having dinner with dear Sara at AfterThree Kopitiam (check out the pic in fb)

Bye all. I miss u guys. I miss u Fiona. I miss everyone like hell crazy.


Cinoi xo.

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Red Sins Golden Ambitions said...

growing up is not as cool as we tot it wud be kan?


growing up = making a decision + being accountable for it

2nd part tu susah sket, but u'r a strong girl.. i bet u can!

FionaHafiz said...

don b stupid.
i'm not missing u at all here.


Anonymous said...

sama lah kerja kita
project scheduler/project planner
bermain2 dengan primavera smpai nak muntah

nieja said...

ohhhhhhhhhhh ok i dah paham
u n sara skrg keje tmpat
same hehehe..

how addicted i am to blogging

thank you for dropping by

hope u enjoy reading and do come again