Saturday, July 31, 2010

what do i learn recently?

recently i learn that the world doesn’t revolve around us only.

recently i learn that we cannot trust people with our whole heart even they can trust us with their heart.

recently i also learn that not all people understand what jokes means.

recently i learn that backstabber are all around us we have just to open our eyes and see it because they might say something like “kau tak kenal cinoi tu lagi” to someone that very close to us recently. the phrase sounds so negative, aite??it is for me. itu baru satu ayat saya mention sini. there’s more that he/she said about me that i don’t even wanna think about because i can’t believe he/she really said that, it hurts so much.

recently i learn that talam dua muka is everywhere, because talam will be forever dua muka (if u noticed) and sometimes we ourselves also are one of the talam dua muka (we need to do that sometimes to people we are not close to, maybe at our workplace or something), EXCEPT to our friends. i never do that to my friend ok. as far as im concern i never be a talam dua muka, backstabber, or hmmm, ok i’m out of word because i don’t think there’s any word can describe such behaviour. 

why/what in the world that he/she was so mad about until he/she have to hmmm have to do that (the cuba-menjatuhkan-saya-dgn-bercakap-sesuatu-yg-buruk-psl-saya-dihadapan-org-yg-saya-rapat bahaviour)

come on, chill man!

okay, i am sorry if i hurt you or anything, but you don’t have to do that because its too much (seriously too much) and that hurts so much. luckily i am still under control, but i do not know when this under-control-of-myself thingy will last. kesabaran ada tahapnya ok.

sorry no “Love, Cinoi” for this entry. this entry will end just like this. end.

owh before that, recently i also learn that no matter how much your pay is, it will never be enough. ha ha!


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Jay Minerva said...

That's gud for u... mari mengenal manusia yg bervariasi.. pendek kata. macam2 ada...

how addicted i am to blogging

thank you for dropping by

hope u enjoy reading and do come again